Albert Einstein Brief Information :

  • Birth: 14. March 1879 Ulm - Germany

  • 1905 Einstein's Publications in the "Annals of Physics" to Quantum Theory and Relativity Theory

  • 1921 Einstein received the Nobel Prize for Physics

  • Death: 18. April 1955  America - Princeton (New Jersey)




Albert Einstein

Comprehensive information about Albert Einstein: This website features an extensive yet concise collection of facts, figures and curiosities about  Einstein. All information is presented in articles which deal with specific areas of his life. Thus, this website is devoted to giving detailed information of important events in the life of famous physicist.



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The goal of all this is to provide the reader with a comprehensive picture of the man. This site also aims to look at his external influence, some of which are surprising, such as Einstein Coffee and Einstein Marathons!

List of Albert Einstein topics:

Firstly, all facts and information are listed in a clear format and then commented upon briefly. These topics deal with specific events dealing with Albert.


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At the end of each article, there is often a keyword summary which lists the main themes of the article.

As this website is private, please be aware that the completion of all articles could take some time.


Albert Einstein


Finally, a personal note, during the process of collecting facts and information, the dimensions of Einsteins work and influence were made clear. Sometimes it was too funny to continue working, and at others, the thought-provoking nature of his work gave pause for thought. Therefore, we hope that the information presented here to readers will both inform and entertain people about the life and times of Albert Einstein.


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Albert Einstein


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